Travel Photography Book is published!

Well its been a while coming, but finally my first book is being published. The email came through today and I should have the first copy next week. This is the first of two very different books that I am publishing or helping to publish.

First out of the gate is my travel photography book and the second is a book for the Hong Kong Dog rescue charity

The travel book is one that I am particularly proud. It features my very best photos from around the world that Caz and I have visited. The photos range from shots taken in England to fantastic shots taken in Cuba and NYC in December. In fact almost all the photos come from trips in 2006 and 2007 covering 12 countries and 18 cities which is an impressive stat to go with the photos.

I will try and get more of the book online but for now if you want to check out some of the photos please click here.

In the meantime wait for Christmas as a book {or two} may well be coming your way.

Book descriptions:
Travel Photographs by ali bullock | HKDR: Photographs by ali bullock

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