Mrs Fields makes everything OK...

Having one of those days (and not even the fact that it is a Friday would seem to cheer me up). Pissed of at some work stuff, tired, its hot as hell and now the streets of Wanchai look something similar to bladerunner (as its raining).

What do you when in this sort of "black mood" Visit Mrs Fields thats what. For those of you who don't know Mrs fields is a cookie shop and one of the best things about Hong Kong and the MTR (where they all seem to be located).

I got 18 of the little beauties (for the price of 12) and as I walked back the immediate sugar rush and a happy feeling soon returned.

If you told me they sprinkled crack on these things, I would believe you. I have no idea what makes them so good. But boy oh boy are they something.

So now I'm back in a better mood and as its Friday I feel like going out. Not that I will be drinking in Soho, nope. All healthy these days, its a walk in the park with the dog for me (and then perhaps a few beers).

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