Hong Kong lawyers

This is fantastic - And people wonder why we hate lawyers. For the best bit, just read the bold paragraph.


"The virtue of the profession, which distinguishes it from a business, is that in its practice, the selfish pursuit of economic success is tempered by adherence to ethical standards and a concern for the public good," he said. "But this virtue has been eroded. To put it bluntly, mercenary considerations have assumed much greater prominence at the expense of ethical standards."

Mr Justice Li cited the case of a client who asked his lawyer for a breakdown of his bill. The itemised account included a charge for "recognising you in the street and crossing the busy road to talk to you to discuss your affairs, and recrossing the road after discovering it was not you".
Absolutely brilliant. We should do this in marketing.

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962 says
11 June 2007 at 08:05

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ali bullock says
14 June 2007 at 02:55

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