Beer tax to be cut in HK - BREAKING NEWS!

Well its either a very slow news day in Hong Kong or its a Sunday. Maybe its both. As I sit here in blazing sunshine and relaxing, front page news is that Beer duty will be cut and the savings passed onto consumers.

This warrants a note in my blog for several reasons. One being that I am drinking beer (so any cut in costs is great) and reason 2 is what duty can you cut on beer? A bottled beer is half the cost of one in the UK and one from the supermarket is about 30p.

Who knows? But is this really front page news? The South China Post is the biggest selling English speaking newspaper in China. I would hate to think that they are assuming that all westerners would rather know about beer than the lastest goverment scandal - Shame on them.

... In the meantime back to my beer.

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