Last post from London.

Well here it is - The final day in London. The day started as so many do, yet it seemed to sum up my life and love of my home city; waking up with Caz, a Black Cab ride and a view across the river Thames (and if I don't say in that order I'm in trouble).

A friend last night asked me if I had any worries about heading to HK - Well I have to say to say that while I do have some worries, the excitement of a new chapter in my life outweighs the worries.

My experiences in China will be a great learning experience (and I hope make for some interesting blog entries). I now have the chance to do a great number of activities and see a lot more of this fascinating country.

I recall growing up on a Saturday having breakfast with my parents and on radio 4 we would listen to "Alastair Cooks' letter from America." In some ways as I sit here at Heathrow i am reminded of what he said about America at the dawn of a new economic and social revolution. Each week he used to report on what he observed happening around him. He recalled that he was watching from the sides while living in the middle.

Could I take over where he left and report on China each week? That I hope is where I will start to go and the point of this blog.

As for the final part of the day; Spent it drinking Gin Brambles in the Virgin VIP lounge) very nice too.)

Next post from Hong Kong Baby...



Good luck Ali.I'm crossing my fingers for you there. As a good sagitarian, I'm sure you'll love the experience. And furthermore you'll have Caz as a wonderful guide there. Please tell my friend not to desappear.