Before you go all Web 2.0

Before people tell you to go "all web 2.0" (and lets remember that I am the guy that was around in the web 1.0 days.) Learn one lesson and that is that you should not store your files online.

Lets forget the whole security issue and just think about this - It doesn't make money. And when something doesn't make money, someone finally decides to pull the service.

And so this has happened at Yahoo who will now be dropping their online storage service Briefcase.

As a client of a major media agency I know SEM (look it up if you don't know) and online storage along with a host of other online/web 2.0 services (shock) doesn't make money. So before you trust all your files to MSN, Yahoo or Google think about that...

Anyway, rant over. Goodnight to Yahoo's briefcase: read more

If you want something that works, try dropbox - It syncs files over the internet but it doesn't hold them. Simple and effective. If only Yahoo and others got this. See their excellent service here:

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